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What is Social Marketing


Typically concerned with behaviour in the limited area of consumption and the market place. However, from the discipline's beginnings, marketers have argued that their behaviour change thinking can also be applied to other contexts; as Wiebe famously argued, you can sell brotherhood like soap.

Social marketers are interested in human behaviour. They seek to understand why we live our lives as we do, sometimes healthily as when we eat a good diet or take regular exercise, and at other times unhealthily as when we smoke or binge drink.


Given that more than fifty percent of premature deaths are attributable to such individual lifestyle decisions, there is enormous potential for any discipline that can progress thinking in this area. Social marketing brings a unique perspective to the issue.

So, just as Big Tobacco can use marketing to encourage smoking, so 'social marketing' can do the reverse. The same principles - of understanding the consumer, strategic thinking and building satisfying relationships based on emotional as well as rational benefits - can be brought to bear.

Social Marketing

Recognises that, although commerce brings many benefits, it can also cause harm to both the individual and society. Tobacco, which kills half its long term users, provides an extreme example of this, but other industries like alcohol and food are also coming under scrutiny.


Social marketing's understanding of both the commercial and social sectors puts it in a unique position to provide realistic critiques, and identify intelligent solutions. This forms an important part of the growing field of critical marketing.

What do we do for you 'OUR CLIENT' ??

Well, we can build you personally an online Social Persona or completely brand, showcase and highlight your business to the fastest growing marketing community in the world.  Who are these people, you may ask?


These are people like you and me, but with one major difference, they spend their daily lives using technology to communicate with one another and more importantly for you 'OUR CLIENT' these people are product and service seekers.

Our role in our business relationship with you or your business is to put you/your business product and/or service in clear view of this mass audience.  OK, but where you may ask?

Simple, on Facebook, Twitter, Bebo, Myspace, Pinterest, youtube to name but a few, but most of all on the devices they use to access these networks.  these are Smart phones, Computers, I-Pad and other Tablet forms...

How do we do this?

By adding to your newly created profile/persona/business identity links, blogs, a website, videos, images, press releases and much more....


We have a huge Global network to call upon which can add Facebook friends to your account or business page, we can add LIKE, Group members, Friends, Followers on a whole host of social networks and add or drive 10's / 100's  even thousands of people to your identity or business.  


We can do this fast and effectively and safely, without out interruption to you, your business or most importantly of all without damaging your reputation!

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