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Mannin Consultancy Services
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MannIn Consultancy is a concept utilizing decades worth of accumulated knowledge both by the founder and his ever increasing network of business professionals around the world.  In essence it is a "Business Hub", which allows you the Visitor/Customer to come here seeking answers to a wide range of questions on a variety of subjects not least of which are:

  • Business, Finance

  • Procurement for investment purposes

  • Design

  • Online branding

  • Business Reputation & Risk

  • Project Management

  • Business & Data Analysis and much more...

This is more than just a your very own portal, inside which  you will be linked to the best minds, most skilled and experienced people.  The services of which will be made available to you and your business, at the most competitive rates possible.

Rob does not claim to know everything, but what he is unable to assist you with, one of his independent expert team or extended network of industry specialists....such as his 12,900+ LinkedIn connections, his 35,000+ Twitter connections or members of his 120,000+ strong International Business Network will most certainly be able to assist you with an answer.

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