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The Technology 

The Mannin hosting platform is built for scale and reliability. We have optimised a website hosting environment that we deploy to global cloud providers. We use the latest DevOps tools like Ansible and Terraform to automate and perfect our technical stack; meaning we can keep our quality sky-high, while our prices remain low.

We offer two server configurations; standard and premium. Both run our excellent cPanel platform, and are extremely fast. All our servers use the world’s leading suppliers and our standard configurations provide a great balance of performance, capacity and cost. If you need the highest possible speed and reliability, our        Premium plans provide guaranteed CPU speeds of 3Ghz+, PCI compliance, a 99.99% SLA, and your choice of the world’s top cloud providers

Our Starter and Medium plans are on our Standard servers; the Business and Enterprise plans are on our Premium servers.

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Our standard servers are available in 12 of the core global locations, from London to New York to Singapore. We use a mixture of providers, for example DigitalOcean or Linode.

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Our premium servers run on enterprise platforms like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. You can configure your provider in our order process, in one of our 80+ available locations.

Other key features include:

  • LiteSpeed webserver and LiteMage for optimised Magento.

  • Enterprise-grade Public Cloud

  • Performance CPUs (e.g. 3.8Ghz on Google)

  • 4 x Daily Backups

  • High Cloudlinux LVE limits

  • PCI Compliance

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A powerful web hosting dashboard

The market-leading cPanel™ control panel is included with all our web hosting plans. cPanel gives you control of your hosting environment from an easy-to-use graphical dashboard.

  • Manage files use FTP, SSH or an online file manager.

  • Install applications such as WordPress in one-click.

  • Browse, download and restore backups.

  • Create and manage unlimited email accounts.

  • Manage databases and import SQL files.

  • View usage statistics and error logs.

Cloudlinux OS

Cloudlinux OS is a fork of the Linux operating system, that allows us to secure and enhance your hosting environment. Among its many benefits, it lets us customise your PHP configuration (you have these options in cPanel), and set limits for websites on shared hosting so that they can't spike and affect other users.

Hassle-free config

At Mannin we think limits should be there to stop broken sites, not to restrict what you are able to do.

Our default limits are set sensibly high and can be customised from the PHP Selector button in cPanel. If you don't see a setting you need, just ask - every tweak improves our platform for everyone!

Custom DNS management

Manage your domain DNS settings within cPanel and push them instantly to our anycast cluster. Full record support including A, CNAME, TXT, MX, SPF, SRV, DMARC and much more within a few clicks.

Our Anycast DNS system runs on Amazon Web Services.

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We, together with our chosen partners provide innovative

& unique solutions to Individuals, Business' of all levels.

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modern super-fast hosting experience.

Mannin hosting is built on top of the latest and greatest public cloud infrastructure. We use providers such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and DigitalOcean to bring you all the benefits of global cloud, while providing a fully managed web hosting environment that can be used without any technical experience.

We automatically add extra capacity to our platform well in advance of it being required. Because of the huge scale of the providers we use, there is essentially no limit to the storage we can add.

To provide superior performance, we only ever use solid-state drives.

Infinitely scalable

Upgrade/downgrade at any time, moving between packages, providers and even across the world in just a few clicks.

Always new hardware

Because we host you in the Cloud, you'll always be on the latest hardware. No failing disks or slugging performance.

Instant setup

We can provision and change servers instantly, so any request for a new hosting account or change with us happens right away.

Transferring to Mannin Hosting?

We will migrate your websites for you.

We'll help with migrating in your websites from your current provider, and can handle emails and domains too.

Our expert team are on hand 24/7 to take care of your migrations. If you are on a cPanel platform currently it might just be a case of us taking a backup and restoring. If you are not, that's fine too - we will do the move manually. We are on hand to help you gather the information needed.

We can also accommodate custom timeframes, as well as bulk or staggered migrations.

99.9% uptime SLA

We automatically monitor all of our systems for downtime. If any server has been up for less than 99.9% of a month, we will credit your account.

No price increase guarantee

No unexpected or sudden price increases. There is no genuine reason why hosting prices should increase while computing costs continue to decrease.

Money-back guarantee

Feel unhappy with our service? We'll give you a full refund if you cancel within the first thirty days (45 days on Enterprise). No questions asked.

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