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Renewable Energy

We use a mix of public cloud providers. At the bottom of this page we outline, and link to, the energy policies of each infrastructure provider. We are almost certain that every single server we provision is powered entirely by renewable energy. For instance, both Google and Amazon operate their own wind farms.

However, you will note that some of those providers, for example DigitalOcean, do not explicitly state their energy policy for each location. This is because they sometimes use colocation providers such as Equinix where they are not in control of the energy mix.

We therefore take an extremely proactive approach to ensuring every Stablepoint service is carbon neutral. We calculate our entire energy usage, regardless of source, and offset it twice over. In effect, this means that we are offsetting renewable energy, as if it were actually non-renewable -- twice!

This includes web server power consumption, as well as staff consumption and commute estimations.

How do our partners offset

They will plant 2,000 trees this year

They plant a tree for every 10 websites hosted with them. By their calculation, this offsets our carbon footprint between two and four times over.  They offset all of their usage irrespective of the source.

In their calculations, they convert the average power usage of each of their servers in Watts to kWH and then to CO2 released based on Greenhouse gas reporting: conversion factors from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. The conversion factor they give is 0.28307 kg CO2 for each kWh produced. This is based on the emissions generated by the current UK power stations per kWh generated.

They undertake tree planting projects in their current office locations of...UK, Indonesia & Bulgaria and also through partner organisations and charities, the largest being Ecologi (formerly known as, who provide verifiable figures and information relating to their tree planting projects. You can find out more about our Ecologi contributions here.

Local projects

Making a difference to the local environment

We are lucky to have offices in some of the most beautiful locations. Some of the work we do is with projects in the areas we are delighted to call home.

In the Cotswolds

We worked with the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust to plant a fruit tree orchard over 4 acres.

We planted an assortment of local heritage apples, cider apples, eating apples and cooking apples. as well as some cherry, plum and pear. The trees were planted as two-year-old saplings in 2018, and will reach full height within 10 years.

The orchard will help to increase biodiversity and encourage the increased presence of bees and butterflies.

Image by Richard Bell
Image by Pahala Basuki

In Indonesia

Through our partnership Ecologi we are able to partake in funding projects around the world. One of the chosen projects is the 75MW Sidrap windfarm in South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia.


This includes not only the wind farm itself, but also 22 local co-benefit projects such as clean water and sanitation deployments.

Energy Policies by Provider

Each public cloud provider has their own energy policy. Here we explain the fundamentals and link to their information pages.


  • Shared hosting

  • Reseller hosting

  • Dedicated servers


Amazon Web Services

AWS have a 100% renewable energy commitment, and are building out dedicated wind farms around the world to power their own data centres. See their sustainability policy.


Google Cloud Platform

100% renewable. Google purchase renewable energy to match or exceed any consumption. Read their energy policy and commitments.


Microsoft Azure

Microsoft has been carbon neutral since 2012 and is committed to being carbon negative by 2030. Read their environmental policy.



Confirmed 100% renewable in all locations aside from Bangalore, where the status is non-disclosed. London, Amsterdam & Frankfurt are on green grids, while Singapore, San Francisco, Toronto and New York City are from 100% renewable suppliers.



Linode servers are 100% renewable in all locations we offer (London, Frankfurt, Singapore, Tokyo).


Alibaba Cloud

We are not able to find published energy data, though some datacentres are powered with innovative fresh water cooling. However, Alibaba are very strong on CSR, including poverty relief in China. See their CSR and sustainability hub.

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