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An independent company, designed to be scalable.

You might be surprised to hear that the majority of web hosting companies are owned by just three large corporations - GoDaddy, Endurance International and 1and1. When you scratch beneath the surface, you’ll find dozens of the “top” hosts are ultimately owned by these three corporates.


A lack of competition means prices have been kept high (and rising), whilst client apathy to migrating means service is often lacklustre, as you are just a client number out of millions.

Conversely, smaller hosting startups work great for a certain amount of time, where enthusiastic owners are involved in the day to day running but these companies eventually struggle to scale as they grow.


Many hosting providers experience these growing pains and you may have noticed it with yours in the past - perhaps support responses have become slower or less in-depth, or performance on your site has dropped as time has gone on.

Mannin Hosting  is set up to scale from day one.

Our partners in the hosting industry has taught us that efficiency comes through automation. Behind the scenes with are able to automate all of the processes that even today many hosting providers are still doing by hand. Deploying new servers, tracking malware, and even handling Denial of Service attacks are all handled by our advanced software and automated processes. It means our team can spend more time helping you, our clients, with the vast majority of our technical team being entirely customer-facing.

In addition, we made a conscious decision to use external providers if we felt they could help us scale more effectively than developing things in-house. This is principally apparent in our use of infrastructure providers - to match Google or Amazon data centre technology would take years and cost at least hundreds of millions, especially in multiple locations. But it's also true with partners like cPanel, MailChannels and Softaculous, where it makes sense for us to leverage their systems and add our own value. In some cases, we have since moved external solutions in-house (for instance replacing a third-party DNS system with our own Anycast cluster based on AWS).

One of many benefits of using public cloud providers for our underlying architecture means that hardware replacements, scaling internal networking, and expanding data centres are not problems we need to concentrate on. We let the billion dollar cloud providers handle that, and instead focus on providing the best shared and dedicated web hosting platform we can.

About our hosting

At Mannin hosting we use our knowledge and industry contacts to find out what did and did not work for customers, our aim is to create the perfect scalable hosting business - that remained personable and friendly even as it grew.


We decided to take advantage of the latest technological advances such as public cloud, but also to build a brand that reflected our ethos and our honest and friendly approach.

Among the principles, we decided:

  • We wanted to be completely open about the infrastructure and network we use.

  • We wanted every team member to be technical.

  • We wanted every team member to work during daylight hours and be able to maintain a family life.

  • We wanted to be at least 100% green.

  • We wanted to work in places that suited us, rather than on industrial estates.

We have just launched this element of our business and already we have seen a growth in the number of websites we are hosting in 2020.

Coronavirus Notice: 
It has been a relatively simple adjustment for our partners staff to work from home, securely; we have maintained our full support capability. Long term, however, remote working is no substitute for the knowledge sharing and community that comes from a productive office environment, and we will return to full office-based work.
Team Meeting

It's Personal



We know that hosting is about much more than uptime and site speed. Even though  your hosting bill may be a negligible part of your business spend, your website is maybe the most important tool your business has.

The main reasons customers come to Mannin Hosting is the fact that they trust us with their websites, not just because even our first line support have the technical experience to help with and understand complex issues, but because our technical support and management are relatable, approachable and understanding.

Every team member at Mannin Hosting has something we call "The  Passion."  This means that they all have some key passion in their lives that has absolutely nothing to do with hosting, computers or the internet.

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