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What is UI?

UI design refers to a user interface, which is the graphical layout of an app. It is comprised of buttons that the end-user of the app click, text they read, sliders, images and text entry fields.


UI design also includes other items such as interface animations, screen layouts, transitions and micro-interaction users usually interact with. When creating a user interface, all visual elements, animation and interaction are designed.


The job is usually done by UI designers who make the decision on how the app will look like, button shapes, color schemes, fonts and width of lines to be used on the text.


The major role of a UI designer is to design the feel and look of an app's user interface. UI design is mostly concerned with the aesthetics, which is the overall appeal of the app interface.


The designers ensure that the application interface is themed well and visually stimulating to match the overall personality of the application. They also ensure that each element is united, in purpose and appeal.

When it Doesn't work

UX refers to user experience, which involves the way that users interact with an application. The experience might be smooth, positive, confusing or intuitive. It might also involve whether the application feels arbitrary or logical.


User experience mostly focuses as to whether the user feels that the app is helping them accomplish the objectives they want to achieve efficiently, or they are just struggling. UX is usually determined by how hard or easy it is to interact with the interface elements created by UI designers.

UX designers focus more on an app's user interface, and this is one of the reasons most people get confused regarding the difference between UI and UX.


While UI designers focus on the look of the interface, UX designers focus on how the interface operates. If the user interface feels seamless and well, then it means that it offers a smooth experience to users. UX designers work hard to ensure that the interface is not complex or unintuitive.

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